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viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

@finkd Dear Mr. Zuckerberg the Cuban regime has "patented" a clone of #Facebook.

@finkd Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, the Cuban regime has "patented" a clone of #Facebook. Have a look, seems to be some infringement there.#CubaCreate 'Facebook' exclusive to Cubans

Create 'Facebook' exclusive to Cubans
The Cuban government on Thursday unveiled a new site created, apparently, by the Ministry of Education as a virtual meeting between Cuban universities, as reported by pro-government websites and blogs.
Redsocial Under the name of the site is very similar to the famous Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook, to the point that contains the word in your domain:
However, there is a noticeable difference between the two networks, as access to exclusive Cuban is used internally by the Cuban intranet.
"Finally someone has been lighting the bulb and did not want to overlook the social networking revolution by almost a copy of Facebook, only this is very Cuban," says an official blogger who disclosed the new cyber initiative of their country.
Cuba, remains open Internet access to Cuban homes, although the fiber optic cable, industry sources said REFORMA, is now running smoothly for months.
As stated in Havana, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, in his speech to about 300 participants from 12 countries attending these days at a workshop on "Alternative Media and Social Networks" massively open to individual access to population still requires large investments, the country still is not able to fund.
However, the island's chief diplomat and former director of Juventud Rebelde newspaper found that one can not conceive of education in Cuba without access to technology and equal opportunities without access to these developments since childhood.
In his talk, Rodriguez also warned that the media played a lethal technology in Libya and were decisive in the outcome of the war against that country, as a weapon against the truth.
"There is always expressed class trend in the area and its links with the military industry," said the foreign minister of Cuba, who called for "a political strategy in cyberspace", calling it essential.,b3e30c81cfbf3310VgnVCM20000099f154d0RCRD.html


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